The Department of Engineering Design offers an AICTE approved one Master’s Programme in the stream of Engineering Design. We envision creating skilled and resourceful graduates to design, develop, and conduct extensive research on various futuristic engineering designs. Our department offers various activities to develop the skills of our students like workshops, conferences, guest lectures, and seminars that aid in gaining hands-on experience in real-world scenarios where engineering concepts are applied. We encourage students to utilise the resources available and learn in-depth about the fundamental concepts of engineering design while coming up with solutions based on learned theoretical & practical knowledge. Our experienced faculty guide our students with an emphasis on designing and developing quality products that will advance the integrity of our nation.



The objective of this course and our department is to create industry leaders who inspire the field of engineering with their innovative ideas. We aim to assist our students in building strong careers with our expertise and ensure their continuous growth in the relevant industry. The course guides our students through designing and developing various engineering products, physical configurations, and logical structures of designs. This further helps our students to solve complex engineering design problems, conduct in-depth research, while anticipating and providing for any failures. Our student-focused activities help our candidates gain exposure to the world of engineering while being technologically up-to-date on the happenings in the outside world. These values and our modern teaching techniques prepare our graduates to be career-ready when they step out.


After the four years program, our students will develop strong decision-making and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for good managerial roles in the dynamic and ever-changing corporate world.

  • Motivating students in the pursuance of research
  • Facilitating students to analyse and solve real time problems
  • Providing necessary support and confidence for taking up the challenges
  • Developing knowledge, skill and analytical skills





We offer various club activities for students to brainstorm and bring about their innovative ideas into reality.


We provide students with direct exposure to the industries so that they can gain real world experience.


We offer extensive support and training programs to students to find a future career and also encourage them with entrepreneurship goals.