The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers an AICTE approved one Bachelor Programme in the stream of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department is equipped with advanced laboratories. The course is structured so that graduates of Electrical and Electronics Engineering will be able to comprehend, analyse, and create products in the key areas of power, control, and energy to meet the ever-changing demands of industry and society. The student community will be moulded to apply both conventional and non-conventional electrical systems in accordance with specific needs. The students are encouraged to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these in multidisciplinary environments. They are prepared to identify the need for, and have the capacity and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning.


We aim to prepare our students to demonstrate skills, team work, ethics, codes of professional practice as well as an aptitude for continuous growth and succeed in their professional career by utilising the knowledge and skills they have acquired. The students will be encouraged to identify, research and analyse complex engineering problems to reach substantiated conclusions. They will be motivated to create, and apply appropriate techniques and resources with an understanding of the limitations. Additionally, to use logic to evaluate social and safety hazards, as well as the ensuing obligations related to the professional practise of engineering.


The students are inspired to design and develop engineering solutions to solve complex problems and understand the impact of their professional solutions in societal and environmental contexts; to act as leaders in diverse teams and function effectively.

  • Well-equipped laboratory facilities
  • Extensive application oriented learning strategies
  • Empowerment in multidisciplinary skills
  • Leadership qualities to meet the industrial needs





We provide comprehensive career pathways by bringing in high-quality internship roles to help students make a smooth transition into the real world of work.


We have established collaborations with multiple industries for readying students to find an appropriate company that suits their interests.


Various technical clubs are offered to assist students to develop their skills in various dimensions with a plethora of benefits including developing teamwork skills and to support a break from classroom studies.